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About us

About Us

Sanctified Word Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry outreach, located in Orlando, Florida. Our purpose is to connect Christian ministries and go beyond the church building walls. There is a huge focus on connecting America’s Veterans with services and providing information to better serve them.

Originally formed in 2008 to assist young adults in local churches, we reorganized and became "Sanctified Word Ministries, Inc." in 2013, by Bishop Nelson and Reverend Janet Deskins. Both are ordained Reverends and have been helping to plant churches for the past decade. Sanctified Word Ministries, Inc. or “Sword” Ministries, wants to remain real with people and assist those who gave of self to our country. Bishop Nelson is proud to be a Veteran of the United States Army. He and Janet have been married for nearly fifteen years, but that love began back in high school over thirty years ago. They both love the Orlando area and believe in connecting others with the same goal of reaching out to help people. Ministries are invited to connect and help tear down the denominational walls that separate the Christian communities around us.

Is your church a “military-friendly” church? This means is your church or do you know of a church that places attention to those feeling alienated by society? And it goes beyond just recognizing our Veterans once or twice a year. Our Veterans and their families have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They have put life on hold, seen devastation, both mentally and physically, and need understanding churches that offer support. We are looking for churches and ministries that practice like Jesus did to the Roman soldiers. He did not ignore them, but embraced them as everyone else in their society. We need to do the same. Communication is always the necessary means in order for anyone to heal. A church can begin a prayer ministry for soldiers, adopt a local family or families, find a soldier and connect with him/her while in service, or launch a community outreach to welcome the troop(s) home. Even by simply providing a meal or meal service to a military family in the local church can make a huge difference. But always be respectful, do not overwhelm them or their families, and most importantly, welcome a soldier home with open arms. Our Veterans have faced enough persecution by the worlds they have traveled. They do not need the same treatment on the homeland. It is time for the church to stand up and be like Christ. We would love to hear from other ministries that would like to exchange information and help further the reach throughout America.

We also hold credentials with World Christian Outreach Ministries

our pastors:
Bishop Nelson Deskins

Lead Pastor

Bishop Dave Vance

Associate Pastor

Reverend Janet Deskins

Vice President/ Treasurer

Joe Negron


Video and Art Department

Sheree Negron

Womens' Ministry

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