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Soul Shapers is a sub-ministry of Sanctified Word Ministries, Inc.- an outreach ministry to America's Veterans and church communities. We are helping churches build a community within their neighborhoods.


By offering the lessons as digital downloads, you will have instant access to the lessons being uploaded to our site. This allows for immediate implementation and hands-on teaching of God's word. Jesus taught in parables and because His method worked, Soul Shapers uses the same method by connecting kids to everyday objects, colors, and the numbers used in the Bible. It is "real-life" application of God's word. Fellowship and relationships are important and highly encouraged throughout the lesson plans.


Teaching kids to communicate and join in fellowship with each other. Helping to explain

that they are not alone - no matter where they are.

The lessons and crafts are interactive and allow for discussions about each lesson.


We all want our kids to get excited to attend church each week. That's where Soul Shapers comes in! Each presentation includes slide notes that follow the lesson plan. Any leader can train up new interns and volunteers by allowing more time to focus on the kids you teach each week. These lesson plans and methods were created by a real Kids' pastor and have been implemented in local churches over the past few years. 


Soul Shapers first lesson plan being launched is about Christmas. The lessons go into depth and help the children see beyond the commercialization of Christmas. 


Soul Shapers can be taught by any church denomination that follows the Bible. The lessons use the NIV version in order to help the kids understand what is being said in today's language.


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We will be sharing updates as more curriculum becomes available.